Sweden fires

According to the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, they are the most serious in the country in modern history. The summer has been unusually warm and dry, significantly raising the risk of fire. There is a general fire ban in Sweden.

Even at campfire sites it is forbidden to make a fire. The regulations are applied by the regional administration (Länsstyrelsen), so the rules vary from place to place. SWEDEN are battling their most serious series of wildfires in decades as drought sweeps through the country.

Sweden battles forest fires north of Stockholm. Swedish firefighters are tackling major wildfires in several areas north-west of the capital Stockholm. Helicopters are water-bombing the blazes in bone-dry forests.

Ljusdal and Alvdalen, roughly 330km (2miles) from Stockholm, are among the worst-hit areas.

Fires continue to rage in Sweden as the country tries to deal with the combined effects of a drought and record-breaking temperatures. Wildfires that have been raging across Sweden are abating, Swedish authorities said on Tuesday, as French, Italian and German firefighters . Nearly 1people were forced to leave their homes overnight, the latest affected by dozens of wildfires raging across Sweden as far north as . Sweden is struggling to battle dozens of severe, drought-fueled forest fires raging across the country.

A fire in Karbole, Sweden , on Sunday. Sweden struggles to beat back the flames as drought spreads new fear across Northern Europe. Sweden dispatched two Gripen fighters to bomb forest fires , . The Swedish Air Force has declared war on a new, homegrown enemy: forest fires.

As blazes rage across some European countries, Sweden has employed the use of bombs to put out forest fires on Wednesday. Swedish police on Wednesday said a third man suspected of arson in connection to a wave of car fires in the city of Gothenburg and . This is where information and warnings from the Swedish authorities was . For the past few weeks, Sweden has been experiencing an intense heatwave. Temperatures have reached over C throughout the Nordic region and there . Over 3fire -fighting personnel, planes, helicopters and vehicles were mobilised through the European Civil Protection Mechanism in . Burned cars parked at Frolunda Square in Gothenburg, Tuesday, Aug.

Masked youth torched dozens of cars overnight in Sweden.

No injuries have been reported. However, the fires occupy police and rescue officials and frighten residents. In the Swedish city of Gothenburg on Monday night, plumes of smoke rose above the shells of burned cars as fire engines raced to the scene to . Cars fire -bombed in several cities by gangs of masked youths across Sweden.

Up to cars were set on fire by youths during a night of mayhem across Sweden. Fires were reported in the cities of Malmö, Gothenburg and .

FACING out-of-control blazes in particularly difficult terrain, Sweden has resorted to a bold new weapon in its firefighting efforts: laser guided .