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Dehumidifiers , Dryer, Drier. A dehumidifier is typically a household . I need to buy a dehumidifier for my cellar. Price comparison Switzerland.

Krüger air dehumidifiers treat people to better air and protect investments.

Too much humidity causes problems. If humidity regularly rises above . Meaco dehumidifiers are available across the whole of Europe and in South Africa and I thought that it was about time that we introduced them . Switzerland Air offers comprehensive dehumidifier installation services throughout Angleton, TX. If you need dehumidifier services of any kin . I originally purchased Albert hoping that the relatively high price and Swiss manufacturing would mean. The need for efficient dehumidification is not just restricted to neither water damage, construction work, production processes, swimming pools and waterworks .

Postage per Package within Switzerland : Economy 6. By the silent operation this dehumidifier is suitable in a living room or bedroom, shop or showroom. By compactness, this item can be placed in other confined . Here you find Air Washer, Humidifier and Air Purifier with modern design in Swiss quality from BONECO. Basic desiccant dehumidifiers or custom total environmental control systems that use an external energy source (typically natural gas or steam) to reactivate the . It can extract as much as 150l of moisture out of the . AIR-O- SWISS and BONECO are now called BONECO healthy air!

Brienz, Bernese Oberlan Switzerland.

Swiss precision and we continuously improve. Custom-made finned-tube heat exchanger for dehumidification of air by condensation using e. Including demister and re- heater. Meet Albert, he is our most powerful home dehumidifier and comes directly from Stadler Form, those Swiss masters of beautifully designed and hugely reliable . Looking for high quality professional series dehumidifier in Switzerland manufacturers, suppliers.

Our product range includes professional series dehumidifier in . The CAIRpool is the best swimming pool dehumidification unit in the market. Type or select your country below to find the official distributor .

Discover the SP air treatment range for residential applications. We offer humidifiers and dehumidifiers in order to achieve the desired ambient humidity level in . The Stierli family in Aristau in the Canton of Aargau in Switzerland have recently. The evaporator for the dehumidifier is coated with a layer of . The dehumidifier contributes towards a comfortable and healthy indoor climate.

Our dehumidifiers are very easy to use and has a low power consumption.